Predictive modeling and proprietary segmentation based on the research data deliver additional customer insights. CBA insights inform a variety of business goals, including sales targeting, enrollment planning, communication strategies, and new product development.

Research Report and Interactive Tableau Dashboard

Research Report and Interactive Tableau Dashboard


Apply CBA’s Benefit Buyer segmentation to your census to predict participation, premium and commission for a group of employees. Our Voluntary Opportunity Analysis will compare current performance at a client to industry benchmarks or your own book-of-business metrics that we compute. The findings will uncover growth opportunities in your book of business and in new client prospects. Then share the findings with clients to make data-driven recommendations on which benefits to offer and what communication strategy to use to achieve the best outcomes.

Accident Opportunity at Merchants Bank

Accident Opportunity at Merchants Bank


With better insights into customer buying behaviors, your messages can be customized by segment to increase enrollment. CBA also provides ready-to-use emails and on-screen messages for online enrollment systems. Targeting employees with more effective messages and increasing communication touch points will enhance their understanding of benefits and grow participation.

Send Messages Proven to Motivate Enrollment

Message Strategies Proven to Motivate Enrollment

Open New Pathways For Engagement:

It’s hard to hit the bulls­-eye when you can’t see the target. CBA helps you discover rich customer insights based on big­-data analysis of your customers.

How it works:

CBA’s proprietary market data and intelligence service for carriers, brokers, and enrollment firms is developed from analysis of customer enrollment data, across a desired set of benefits offerings. Customer information including behavioral, demographic, lifestyle and over 300 other consumer attributes are considered, then run through our proprietary benefits purchase-­pattern algorithms. The result is a deep understanding of customer segments within your book of business and a clear picture of where the best opportunities exist by client, by region or industry.

We collaborate with you

to develop strategies to convert insights into targeted messaging that drives participation higher.Clients can improve their message impact by reaching customers directly with customized banner messages through computers at home, the office or on cellular devices through our Digital Communications tools.

CBA data provides

valuable enrollment benchmark metrics that help measure product performance, model rates against similar clients, inform re­-enrollment strategies, and identify other key performance indicators.

Predictive Modeling from Benefits Experts

CBA understands how important customer engagement is to the sales process. CBA’s proven applications help you integrate valuable customer insights throughout your customer acquisition and retention cycles.

Proven Success

Segmented messaging is proven to be effective in driving desired customer behaviors. Insights gained from our data analytics can be used to increase customer adoption of wellness programs, compliance with disease management protocols and sales of health and voluntary products. Using this methodology, one large carrier, increased premium by more than 20%.

Information On Demand

Get the information you need to more confidently plan new enrollments, re­enrollment and new product strategies with information available through CBA’s reporting platform and “Opportunity­At­A­Glance” Dashboards. The Dashboards feature output of our analysis of your data, combined with data from other consumer data sources. All data is safely maintained for access whenever you need it.

Data Security Is Paramount

Data never has to leave the client’s secure environment, ensuring security that meets or exceeds client expectations. Once analysis of the data is complete, customer identities are removed from the data, protecting customer information privacy.

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