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Increase premium  and commissions 20-30% with “big data” analytics

Customer Benefit Analytics can convert your employee census into customized communications strategy that will increase premiums and commissions. Our data-driven process is proven to boost benefits enrollment by 20-30% or more by targeting the right products and messages to your employees.  We give brokers a better way to grow premium and commissions from voluntary and contributory products based on predictive models

Value to Brokers:

  • Advise clients on the benefit buyer characteristics of their employees
  • Create optimal enrollment marketing plans with recommended messages for each client
  • “Score” your existing clients for cross-sell and re-enrollment growth opportunities
  • Project revenue and commission from prospects with advanced analytics

How It Works

  • CBA receives your census file and order form, and then…
  • Appends benefit buyer attributes from millions of records
  • Applies proprietary segmentation and predictive models
  • Adds recommended message strategy
  • Delivers you multi-page Opportunity Analysis (PDF)

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